Common Issues

Common Issues

Our featured collection includes the best products, templates, logos, icons, font.

The free version of our themes is available WordPress themes directory. To download a Premium version of a theme , please register to and download the product you puchased.

To upgrade from Free to Premium version, please deactivate and delete an free version of a theme and install the downloaded from file. No data will be lost. Your all data will stored in yourn WordPress, you need only small setup.

Both Free and Pro versions of our products feature updates notifier within the theme. This means that users shall see on the dashboard/toolbar of their WordPress.

The GPL explicitly allows users to edit or modify open-source software. It’s a common practice among developers to customize and extend existing themes to meet their requirements. You may make the necessary changes directly in your theme files.

However, you may want to read GPL license, especially when you are about to modify source code or credit links.

In addition you may drop us a line describing customizations you want to have for Web-Dorado products. Our developers shall view the request and inform if mentioned customization may be added to new versions of a product.

Having issues when trying to login? Try to reset your password, automatic reply can go into your Junk/Spam folder. Alternatively, drop us an email using this Contact Us form and we will be right back to you.

Log-in to You should find the list of your products. If the list is empty or you can’t find the product you purchased lately, please inform us using this Contact Us form



Our featured collection includes the best products, templates, logos, icons, font.

The main payment gateway is to purchase a product on Specia theme using your credit card supported by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover using 2Checkout.

Alternatively users may purchase a product using PayPal.

Please note that Specia theme does NOT store credit/debit card numbers, any additional information connected with card holder, nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

For privacy-minded customers Specia theme guarantees 100% safety of any transaction. We use HTTPS protocol, which is the most trusted web security protocol on the Internet.

Yes, you can pay using PayPal. We are using secure 2Checkout payment method by which you can pay us using PayPal or All Major Credit or Debit Cards

In this case we shall suggest to contact us using this form. Alternatively you can try to contact your card issuer or pay using PayPal

Specia Themes employs an annual support subscription at the rate of the purchased product for continual access to support, forums, theme updates and the account.

The annual subscription was employed to create a sustainable business for Specia Themes, so that we may continue providing our services to you for years to come. There is no obligation to continue the subscription, and you may cancel at anytime. Canceling the subscription will result in suspended access to your Specia Themes account a year from the purchase date or from the last successful renewal.

This is outlined on the theme sales page, in our terms and conditions and throughout the site. If you have an issue regarding a subscription renewal, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

We do whatever it takes to make sure our customer service is best in business. Submit a ticket and we will be happy to help!

Billing & License Question

Billing & License Question

Our featured collection includes the best products, templates, logos, icons, font.

Users have a chance to keep their products up to date until subscription plan expires. After that they will have no chance to download the latest version of our products. Although use lastly downloaded version of the plugin forever. Alternatively users can always renew their license

If you do not renew your membership you will no longer have access to our themes, new theme releases, updates, support or design files. You are more than welcome to continue using any themes you have downloaded during your active membership forever.

No, they will work for a lifetime, however, if you cancel, you won’t be able to download new upgrades or new themes.

Yes, you will get a proper legal invoice according to German laws in PDF format. Please fill out your billing details on the checkout process in case you need an invoice for taxing purposes. You will be able to download the invoice on your user account page.

Pre Sales Question

Pre Sales Question

Our featured collection includes the best products, templates, logos, icons, font.

Yes, you pay once and you can use the plugin in a lifetime, but plugin updates are available only for the period of time written in the license option you choose: therefore Personal – 6 months, Business/ Developer – 1 year. For some products, we have selected recurring payment, which can be stopped if needed.

Web-Dorado as well as other commercial plugin development companies do not offer refunds for our products. This is due to the fact that all products are intangible. You may read about this in our Terms Of Service Agreement page.

But we keep in mind the degree of flexibility and would love to keep happy relationship with our customers, this is why we may discuss each aspect case-by-case.

We also refund when our developers are not able to solve bugs or other issues during 24 hours.

Yes, you can upgrade from a Standard version to the Developer or Life Time membership version at any time by sending us a message via contact form with your account name. You will only need to pay the difference in cost between your current product and the one you want.

You can use our themes for unlimited customers, projects or domains, but we provide support for only one site.

A child theme inherits functionality, features, and styles from its parent theme. The child theme is to offer a way to modify main/parent theme features or styles without altering the code of parent theme. In this way, you can always update your main theme without any worries regarding your customization and changes.

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